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The Life Event

Join Olympic Medalist Leon Taylor, TV 'Supercoach' Mike Weeks and NLP Developer Daryll Scott for 2 days of accelerated, high-performance coaching Confidence – Resilience – Motivation

Learn the neuro-psychological techniques to become your own performance coach.

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  • “Eight of our finest people attended this programme and came back revitalised, refreshed and inspired. They have all raved to me about the event and after 6 months they are still using the techniques personally and as useful coaching tools with others. I would highly recommend this event."

    Ian Watson - Head of Pret Academy
  • “I just spent two days with the inspiring and intelligent brains of Olympic Medalist, Leon Taylor, ‘Supercoach’ Mike Weeks and NLP Developer, Daryll Scott at The Life Event. I s***t you not, their neuro-linguistic coaching techniques and knowledge blew me away. Interlaced with their own charming stories and experiences, this energetic trio have created something incredibly powerful. And perhaps most importantly..... Booooooya! I feel like I've been injected with NLP super-powers, ha!”

    Liz Goodchild – Life Coach and Blogger
  • “These three inspirational, funny and down-to-earth men keep us on tenterhooks with inspiring stories, but there’s a lot more to the Life Event than loud music and stories of Olympic dreams (from Taylor), free climbing perilous peaks (from Weeks) and becoming CEO of your own company at 25 years old (from Scott). By the end I’m in a very different physical and mental space. It’s like magic, only, without any actual magic at all.”

    Lucy Fry – The Sunday Telegraph

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